Energy healing has been around for thousands of years. Every culture across the globe at one time utilized energy healing to balance the vital energy flowing within a person’s own body.

Western medicine plays a powerful role in today’s world; however, the energy healing from ancient times is still relevant. As a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, Nancy Lishack helps clients create optimal health in body, mind, and spirit.

The benefits include:

  • Increase overall state of well being and health
  • Decrease both acute and chronic pain
  • Facilitates wound and burn healing
  • Prevents swelling and bruising associated with contusions, sprains
  • Decreases recovery time from acute illness
  • Decreases side effects from chemo and radiation therapy
  • Induces relaxation response
  • Supports and facilitates other therapies and treatment
  • Assists in stabilizing patients with a critical injury or illness
  • Assists with emotional and spiritual healing

Specific post-operative benefits are:

  • Decreases bleeding
  • Decreases recovery time
  • Decreases amount of medication needed
  • Decreases pain