Would you like to dramatically increase your chance of getting pregnant in the next six months?


You are not alone in your struggles to conceive. Currently, one out of every eight couples are experiencing infertility and the stress, anxiety and feelings of isolation that often accompany it.

Research shows that people who participate in mind-body programs increase their chance of conception by more than 50 percent within just six months, with a remarkable 95 percent becoming pregnant within two years.

The mind-body connection is powerful, measurable and proven. Learn to harness the power of your thoughts and your body’s ability to heal from within in ways that will bring your dreams of parenthood closer to reality.

This program will teach you how to:

  • Reduce stress via a variety of relaxation methods
  • Learn the power of meditation
  • Practice yoga for fertility
  • Enjoy a supportive atmosphere
  • Make positive lifestyle changes
  • Develop self-nurturing
  • Replace negative emotions with positive ones through cognitive restructuring
  • Use effective communication skills to enhance self-esteem
  • Grow together as a couple
  • Reduce feelings of isolation by connecting with those sharing the same experience

Program benefits:

  • Increase live birth rates
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Develop a sense of control over your life
  • Learn coping techniques
  • Recapture feelings of intimacy


Additionally, the program is tailored to help couples foster stronger connections with each other through deep listening that is instrumental in healing, create relationships built around compassion and help transform a relationship centered on the stress of infertility to one centered around peace and harmony.

Whether you are currently undergoing fertility treatment, exploring your medical options or taking a break, mind-body therapies will help transform your physical and emotional states in ways that will optimize the chance of pregnancy and improve the success of any medical treatments.



“If this program was a pill, every infertility patient in the country would be taking it.” — Alice Domar, Ph.D.





One-Day Intensive Fertility Workshop
Upcoming one-day workshop:  Spring/Summer 2019 TBA

Location:  TBA


10-Week Mind-Body Fertility Program
Upcoming 10-week program:  Summer 2019 TBA
9:30AM – 12:00PM
Plus One Full Day from 10:00AM – 4:00PM
Location:  TBA



Individual Fertility Sessions
Each one-hour session is tailored to your personal needs for a private, truly individualized mind-body healing experience. We will arrange a time for each one-hour session that fits your schedule. Call to schedule your first appointment at 412-657-3568 or email nancy@calmwatershealing.com.


Nancy Lishack understands the painful struggle a couple experiences when facing infertility. It is through her own agonizing struggle with this disease that she has embraced her purpose to help women and couples navigate infertility. A former teacher for more than three decades, Nancy chose a new career in the holistic arena. Her years of intensive training in mind/body therapy have helped to create a comprehensive therapeutic solution for individuals in Western Pennsylvania. In addition, she has studied and trained under Dr. Alice Domar, a pioneer and well-respected authority in the infertility field. Nancy offers a 10-week mind/body group program several times a year for couples experiencing infertility. She is now introducing new formats that include One-Day Fertility Workshops and Individual Fertility Sessions. All three options offer her clients a program based on science plus empathy and understanding.

“It is my privilege to offer this highly effective program to local couples. I wish it had been available during those emotionally challenging years.” — Nancy Lishack, M.Ed.


Success Story

“My heart’s desire to have a child began at the age of 30 and it wasn’t until 16 years later that I finally gave birth. Medical doctors gave me no hope. Instead, they gave me rejection. It wasn’t until you helped me heal that this baby was able to thrive and grow inside of me. I think the biggest component in this long and difficult journey is receiving. When you surrender, you can win. I know my two-year-old Sofia Mae would not be with us today if not for the healing work you did. Thank you for being a big part of my fertility journey and for healing my heart and soul. ” — Brenda B.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.” — Khalil Gibran