Nancy Lishack, M.Ed., Founder

Nancy Lishack, M.Ed., Founder

Calm Waters Holistic Healing, LLC

Nancy Lishack is dedicated to helping her clients reach optimal health. How can stress impact a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant? Can the human energy field be used to help those recovering from surgery? These and other questions inspired her to learn from some of the top practitioners in the field. She has studied under Dr. Alice Domar, a pioneer in the application of mind/body medicine, who is the Director of Integrative Care at Boston IVF. In 2009, Nancy graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami, FL where she studied the fundamentals of the human energy field and its relationship to illness and health and to psychological and spiritual development. In addition, Nancy has graduated from a four-year mind-body training program, PsychoEnergtics, where she learned to facilitate and support a meaningful transformational journey for clients using mindfulness, breath work and body-oriented techniques. For more than three decades, Nancy has taught at the high school and college levels all while continually seeking to educate herself on ways to assist others on their path towards vibrant health and contentment. Nancy has provided support to a range of clients, from those undergoing hip and knee surgery to others receiving treatment for cancer, depression and many other conditions. Since many of her clients are dealing with fertility issues, Nancy feels passionate about the powerful support RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association provides to men and women and is proud to be a professional member.

Michael G. Mervosh, M.Ed.

Michael G. Mervosh, M.Ed.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Michael is a licensed clinical psychologist with MGM Psychological Associates. He has been devoted to a full-time private practice, providing intensive individual and group psychotherapy for more than 20 years. He originally honed his psychotherapy skills through four years of training at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, with an emphasis on both working with individuals and working with body processes. He has been in ongoing training and supervision for many years, through which he has incorporated approaches from Gestalt, Radix, Object-Relations, BioEnergetics, Developmental Character Styles, body-oriented psychotherapies, Jungian archetypes, energy healing and a deep immersion in the mythological teachings of Joseph Campbell.

Diane Feliciani, M.Ed.

Diane Feliciani, M.Ed.

Yoga Instructor

Diane Feliciani has practiced yoga for 15 years. She became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 hours) in 2009. In addition, she became certified in Yoga Education in 2011 in order to be able to offer a structured curriculum to the adolescents that she works with as a school counselor. She has also attended yoga-training workshops with Max Strom and Susi Aldous. Diane has taught Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness seminars to teachers as well as business professionals including Nationwide Insurance and K&L Gates. Women’s workshops have included Celebrating Women’s Wisdom, Labyrinth Walks and Journey to the Heart retreat. Moving mindfully and practicing breath-work is the core of her current yoga practice.

What does the program include?

The program includes an intake/individual counseling session, ten group sessions, three sessions for your partner, lunch for both of you, the participant manual, a book and two CDs.

Why do I have to do the individual counseling at all?

The initial consult serves a very important purpose and is required for all participants. It provides a chance to meet and to get to know the program group leader and it gives her a chance to know how you are doing and what issues you would like to work on during the program. The final consult is optional but important as it serves to summarize your experience and progress and to set new goals for your health.

What time does the program start and can I arrive late?

Each group is held on a weekday evening or a Saturday morning. The first half hour of every group is reserved for sharing/support time and is optional. Because this support time is important to those who attend, we ask that participants respect this first half hour if they need to be late by waiting in another area until the time has ended.

I’m not a group type person. How touchy feely is this?

While there is a half hour of optional sharing time at the beginning of each session, the rest of the time is structured to provide information, i.e., relaxation techniques, nutrition, exercise, etc.

Must partners participate?

Partners are invited to attend three of the ten sessions (but this participation is optional). However, there is great benefit in involvement. Not only do they benefit from techniques taught, such as relaxation methods and the couples’ paired listening exercise, but we also provide one support group session designed specifically for the partners. In addition, they gain key insight to what their partner is really going through.

Why is the men’s support group essential?

The following articles are from RESOLVE.

The National Infertility Association reviews the emotional aspect for a man dealing with his partner’s infertility diagnosis.

Male Factor

Myths about Men and Infertility

The three sessions for men have proven to be very beneficial for the men as individuals and the couple as a whole.

What happens if I need to miss a session?

Most people need to miss a session or two since ten weeks is a long stretch of time. We ask that you not miss more than two. At the first session, a buddy is assigned to you. This person is there not only to support you emotionally during the program should you need it, but also to take notes for you should you need to miss a session. The group leader is also there to answer any questions.

I have secondary infertility. Can I participate in the ten-week program and will I feel isolated in the group?

We do accept people who have one child into the ten-week program. However, we only have secondary infertility participants if there are two per group. Most groups are limited to ten participants. We combine primary and secondary infertility participants because not enough secondary participants have yet come forward to have a separate secondary group. We match up secondary participants as buddies; in other words, we do not match up one participant who has a child with another who doesn’t yet have a child.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is three-tiered: 1. Full refund less a $100 cancellation fee will be made if notice of cancellation is received less than 48 hours before intake appointment (first individual counseling session). 2. Full refund less a $200 cancellation fee will be made if notice of cancellation is received anytime after the intake appointment and prior to 48 hours before the program begins. ($100.00 cancellation fee, $100.00 fee for intake appointment) 3. There will be no refunds for cancellations received less than 48 hours before the program begins.

For over a decade, Nancy has made numerous presentations aimed at helping clients embark on a path of healing.

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.
— Sigmund Freud