People dealing with fertility issues know that stress is their constant companion.

Dr. Alice Domar, Director of Women’s Health Programs at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, has conducted numerous research studies looking at the relationship between stress and fertility. According to Dr. Domar, “infertile women report equivalent levels of anxiety and depression as (do) women with cancer, HIV status, or heart disease.” Learning to control this anxiety and stress is essential.

The Mind/Body Fertility Program at Calm Waters is modeled after Dr. Domar’s program in Boston.

Learning how to cope with the emotional aspects of fertility issues not only improve a couple’s quality of life, studies suggest it can also result in a higher pregnancy rate. We offer a ten-week Mind/Body Fertility Program that teaches how to:

  • Reduce stress via a variety of relaxation methods
  • Learn the power of meditation
  • Practice yoga for fertility
  • Enjoy a supportive atmosphere
  • Make positive lifestyle changes
  • Develop self-nurturing
  • Replace negative emotions with positive ones
  • Grow together as a couple

Enrollment is currently taking place for our next Mind/Body Fertility Program. To learn more click here.



Dr. Alice Domar has given Calm Waters Holistic Healing LLC permission to use her materials.