“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2012. From the very beginning, Nancy Lishack offered healing sessions that made the process of deciding options and the actual treatments achieve optimal success both emotionally and physically. I know that any pain or discomfort was greatly reduced because of my sessions with her. I elected Proton Therapy, an exact kind of radiation, as my treatment. The protocol called for a long list of ‘work-ups’ that included biopsies, CT and MRI, colonoscopy, Pod fitting, gold marker insertion, etc. Doctors remarked how well it all went, thanks to Nancy. While at the University of Florida Proton Institute having two months of therapy, I received once or twice a week phone sessions from Nancy that proved as effective as in person. My PSA was an eight when diagnosed. Last week I had a blood test and the PSA is 0.5. And, I have absolutely no negative side effects.”

Jan, 16, 2015