“I had been through a divorce and rebuilding of my life, using traditional therapy to help me navigate that and though by all external appearances I was doing well, internally I was having a great deal of trouble adjusting to the blessings and the challenges my new life was bringing me, never fully able to step forward and experience, nor really enjoy, that way forward.

Working with Nancy over the last number of years has allowed me to do that. I have been able to explore what I want and where I am going in a safe and supportive environment. The work has been restorative to me mentally, emotionally and physically, allowing me the insights and room to really grow. This effect has stayed with me as our work has continued, easing the transition into new phases of life.

In addition, Nancy surrounds herself with a community that deepens the work that she does and makes this community accessible to her clients. Through this community, I have found support and lifelong friends. I strongly encourage anyone who feels stuck in a decision, a phase of life or an old way of being that is no longer serving you to try working with Nancy.”

Jan, 16, 2015